Tuesday, April 1, 2008

de Blob is Evil!

This blog is not here to deliver the latest news and most up-to-date reviews. It is here to simply express passing and active thought about the games I play and the games that interests me, along with anything to do with gaming.

The video above is from IGN's latest preview of the game. I've been keeping tabs on this game and everything so far has been looking good. It's an exclusive for a system I own, I like the premise of having to literally bring color back to the world, and I finally get who you're plying as.

Anyone could tell you that it was de Blob, but often before video would have de Blob in motion and use a camera change to show him. I'd just acknowledge that the freaky, evil thing was de Blob. Now I can truly see that he is the blob that you play as. It sounds crazy, I know. I have to live with myself and you don't so be grateful.

Image Courtesy of IGN.com

That above is the blob. It contrasts greatly with the overlying world an both its' citizens and government conquerors. Without reading anything on this game, anyone could easily mistake it for an enemy. I like him, but he just seems like a menace and not the hero he's being made out to be. It's a very nice change of pace for a game, normally he would be an enemy or an anti-hero. Instead he's not only the hero, he's de blob.

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