Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One More thing

A retro styled console has been built. It will be entirely supported by homebrew developers. I hope it can take off, it is more of a hobby type of project that I may decide to join in order to test my still developing programming skills.

The I learned of this interesting project from Gonintendo


There are so many errors below, I won't be blogging at night from my Wii anymore. Of course I can't since my Wii's MAC address has been blocked from the source of free wifi I was using. My DS hasn't, I'll name my DS after my Wii to mess with the guy and play some Advance Wars: Days of Ruin online tonight. Hahahaha.

I'm now in World 6 of SMB 3, I have one life left. I am going to die. I lost most of my life making fun of the walking candle ember in the fortress near level 3. hat was a dumb thing to do.

I am also playing through Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Sonic & Knuckles with Sonic 3 on top). I have a game of just Sonic, just tails, and just Knuckles going. I played each until I died for the first time. First was Knuckles, who made it to spring, weird zone with the boss fight in the air, he's in 2nd place right now. My Sonic didn't make it passed the 2nd world, a watery grave of evil. Yes, my Tails game is the furthest, making it to the Casino Zone, Act 2. I'm sure that I would have beat the entire game as Tails without losing a life if I wasn't stumped by weight puzzle. There's a sppinning cylindrical casino thingthat bobs up and down as Tails jumps on it. Timing the jumps Tails can make it delve lower into the gap its' blocking, but not low enough to get by. Needless to say, Tails only died because the 10th minute arrived. Whenever that comes it's death for everyone.

I'll be updating with a real and more coherent post later. It'll probably be to announce that I'm starting the Dave Perry Challenge using the DS as my system of choice. Too late for that i guess, I'll discuss and post the details later and will be using this blog to track my progress.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm So Full of Fail

Just like that pathetic marketing guy Neku insults, I am so full of fail. How and why? I lost every life I had in Super Mario Bros. 3 in the 3rd world, the water world. Big buford ate me, I hate him. Who/What is "Big Buford? That's what I used to call the giant Petey Pirahna (or it may actually be Petey Pirahna) that leaps from mellow waters of SMB 3 and eats Mario (Before today mine used to prefer Luigi).

How did I find myself staying up late in the night and playing Super Mario Bros. 3? I needed to play it, my body told me so. I've had this need going off all year, but I finally succumbed to it yesterday and downloaded the game from the Virtual Console. I Iove the VC's convenience,the legality of it is cool too. I may still be seen as idiot for buying it.I only have the game and emulator for it on my pc, my DS, my GBA, my flash drives, my e-mail, and even on my Wii. Even though I have emulators and roms I rarely use them. To even be able to play the game on my DS or GBA means I own hardware capable of pirating games, but like a nut I still buy games. The last DS game Ibought was Crosswords, with the two before that being Apollo Justice and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. I don't remember the specifics of how I came to own Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, but I beleve I found it on a bus or in a rest room. I'm in college andI can definitely use the money I spend on non-necessities on better things like hookers or pop, but part of being a gamer is collecting. I choose to collect games as part of my hobby.No, I don't wear plastic gloves and keep them vacuum sealed, or only turn them on test them, I play them off the real carts and I read through the manuals. I just love owning things, I'm too attached to this world. It's also nice being able to back-up my game saves as I would have been shit out of luck when my original DS (a phat) got drenched in a car wash when the sun roof was opened partway through the process. The game was fried, would not load ever again. Or rather it rusted and I took to long to replace my DS and replaced it. I sold it on ebay honestly, didn't get a lt from it, but I kept my box and manual, turns out there was a way to clean it and get it working again and the person I sold it to knw exactly what to do. Congrats to him, he scored games the way I often do. Beedrill. Wasn't I supposed to be blogging about my epic sucking t SM 3?

So anyway, I finally play the game, and the first thing I notice is how off the graphics are. After all, I only played NES version for a short amount of time, I was quickly upgraded to All Stars and actually played America's 2 a lot of the time befor 3 arrived in my house. At 5-6 years old I was a beast, the only thing that stopped me was one stage in the Ice world of 5 (or was it 6, I think 6 is the sky one) and world 8. Yes, I have never beaten the game, my favorite game of all time. The game I longed to play for nearly 8 months. Eight months ago I played Super Mario Galaxy. It's a beautiful game and wonderfully executed, but the 3D Mario's have nearly as strong of a hold on me as the 3D Zeldas. In fact, I stopped playing Galaxy within a week or so of buying it and didn't start again until last month. I had 23 stars before I forgot about the game and flocked to No More Heroes, now I'm up to about 110 of them. I want the full ending and the satisfaction of finally completing a 3D Mario game. Sunshine, I stopped at 114 shines, my memory card was erased by evil and I said to hell with the game and many others.

So Galaxy resparked my mario gene, after all, Galaxy is influenced by SMB 3 a lot. Both are games full of style, challenged, and worthless Luigi. After I loaded the game up and quickly trounced most of the first world I'm killed on the airship. I decided to taunt Bowser's kid (In SMB3 the first seven are still alive, Mario and Luigi kill them in the sequel: Super Mario World). I got anfry and ran into a bullet bill. I won the 3rd time through. 2nd world, I breeze through everything, ven the evil sun which I killed cold heartedly. I lose on the air ship again. Besides being frustrated with the air shipsI'm in love with the game again and am amazed that I remember so many secrets. I even discovered a new thing and glitch that lets me exploit donut blocks to keep them floating. 3rd world I thought I was going to bowl it over like I almost did the previous two. I never expected to have any trouble with any par of the game until worlds five or 6. In evel 7 or 8, that evil fish continually eats me. He whittles me down to one life, I even have a hammer so that I won't have to do the level, but my pride wouldn't let me use it then. fat abstard eats me again, but at 0 lives I'm still aliv. How blessedmuct I be? He gets me immediately, I didn't even gt to jump on the green koopas back. I am so full of fail. Can't play SMB 3 nor properly stay on topic in a simple Brawl. I'll edit this tomorrow from a real pc,I"m on the Wii channel. I will ne\ot chabnge any text,I will simply create paragraphs by parting the run-on paragraphs.