Monday, September 27, 2010

I need as much as help as you're willing to provide

I have a steady job as customer support tech. I've just started to rent a home so that I can properly house myself, my three sisters and my nephew. I've fallen in love with a beautiful woman that just so happens to feel the same way. She's my girlfriend and she's become my heart. We've been going steady for a while now, I've known her for nearly two years now. She's sweet, funny and extremely caring. She's honest and a true believer in God. She's still human just like the rest of us. She sins like us and has sinned long before I met her. We believed that everything was going onto the right track until recently.

In the past she worked at a store that she stole money from. She was fired and signed a paper admitting to doing so. She did do it. She tried to work out a repayment or something that would allow her to try to redeem herself but it fell on silent ears. nearly four years later they've brought her to court with a lawsuit and documents that she's signed admitting to it. We need to pay back half of the owed amount by October 8th or she'll be facing criminal charges.

If we can raise the money up she'll be placed on an "under the radar" program, have to perform 6- hours of community service and stick to a payment plan for paying off the other half of the money. She didn't save up the money that she owed because she believed that their silence meant that they didn't want anything to do with her. Now we know that they were just "behind" in their litigation and do not respond to people before hand. I'm selling many of the things that I own, not least of which will be all of my video games. I'll be selling them on ebay, the posts will go up within two days. I need to test everything to make sure that they still work, get pictures and do quality comments so that I can have descriptive auctions. Everything will start at $0.99. If you see a game that you like that you want, please bid. Maybe you have a friend or relative that may want the game or something else that I'm selling.

I'll be updating this blog with updates as to how things are proceeding. Also, if you want to help out you can help spread news of my auctions, or even donate if it's within your power or heart to do so. I want help, but not at the expense of others. I do kindly thank you for considering and reading this post. I will continue to provide more details and updates on the situation. Thank you.

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