Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank You

Only my wii games sold, the others are still mostly here with me. I barely made $300 off of them. I bundled the Wii with the remaining games that didn't sale for $200 minimum. I'm hoping that it sells. I forcibly overdrafted my account so that it's at a -$490.XX balance right now. My contribution, my girlfriends and her church kept her safe. Now all that I need to do is to continue to work, find a second or better job and get myself back n track. We have 90 days from last Friday to get $1,750 so that we can pay off the other half of her debt.

Paypal is holding on to most of my money. I got half of the games shipped right now. the other half are still with me. I'm really struggling to get the money to ship these items off right now. Since I've never sold anything they're holding on to the money for two more weeks or until positive feedback flows in. I just shipped off the first set of games so I may not have anyway shipping the rest until next week. At least by then I can ship off the games, then transfer the money to my bank so that I can at least try to pay my bells and rent.

I'm not asking for millions of dollars, just enough to help me get my balance back to zero please. If you could please donate to me with one of the download links below, I would be greatly appreciative. I'm still exploring as many avenues as possible for making more money. I'm looking for another job and a promotion at my current job. I'm donating blood plasma at CSL starting tomorrow. I'm open to most things, donating sperm isn't one of them. I have strong beliefs against doing so. That and I'm not good at whacking off. Even if I was, I wouldn't help to father a child if I wouldn't be taking care of it. Please help.

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